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Dogs form an indispensable part of life for those who love and understand every aspect of this wonderful creature. They are adored and loved immensely all over for being reliable buddy, trusted companion and guardian of home. People share an amazing understanding and a sense of companionship with them and strive to dish out the maximum facilities they can. Our Clinic precisely recognizes the changing needs of the dog lovers across India and runs a unit that takes best possible care of puppies.

We treat our dogs/Pets/puppies with great pampering and forever strive to put them away from any disease that might harm them in any way. Our dog clinic facility involves various medical measures that assure a diseases-free living for pets.

We offer Veterinary Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry & Grooming.

We all know that pets age much faster than people, in fact, 5 to 7 tunes faster. But did you know that on average - most dogs and cats are well into adulthood by age two? By age four, many pets are entering middle age, and by age seven most dogs - particularly larger breeds - are entering their senior years.


We allow any of our users to view their information in our website. We also encourage our users to ask any breed specific questions they may have so they can be answered by others who have owned the breed. We've found that the best answers come from breeders. They love to answer questions and can be very insightful.

Wellbeing exams
Twice yearly wellbeing exams can help your veterinarian detect problems in your pet earlier. Preventing problems before they start is the key to helping your pet live a long, happy life.
wellbeing exams typically include:
* Body tempurature check
* Mouth, eye and ear check
* Listening to heart and lungs
* Feeling lymph glands, throat and abdominal organs for abnormalities
* Musculoskeletal strength and stability
* Skin and coat check
* Nutritional consultation
* Laboratory tests based on the age of the pet and physical exam findings

Preventative treatments
Vaccinationsprotect your pet from contracting preventable diseases. Talk to your veterinarian about developing a vaccination protocol that's appropriate for your pet and the area you live in.

Regular flea and heartworm prevention
Prevention plays an important role in protecting your pet. Ask your veterinarian for a recommended preventitive treatment plan to protect your furry friend from pests and the diseases they maycarry.

Pet health insurance
Companion animal health care is expensive.The average cost of care over a pet's lifetime is usually 50,000 to 100,000 dollars, 40% of that will be spent on heatlh care.Getting insurance while your pet is young will benefit you both in the years to come.

Outdoor supervision

Pets should always be supervised outdoors. Here are some signs to watch for in winter weather that your pet might be too cold:

  • Excessive or abnormal vocalization
  • Avoiding contact with cold surfaces
  • A reluctance to move
  • Shivering

Frostbite can develop after prolonged exposure to the cold. If frostbite is suspected, wrap your pet in a warm towel and seek veterinary help immediately - Do not warm your pet with a heating blanket, pad or heat lamp.


Winter is not the only time to pay close attention to pets' health. The following year round recommendations can benefit your pets' life in the long run


Provide regular exercise Every dog needs a daily exercise routine. Sporting and working breeds require up to 1 hour of aerobic activity a day, at the bare minimum.

Schedule regular dental exams Oral bacteria from tartar and infections can affect more than the gums and teeth. Internal organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys are also affected. Brushing your pets' teeth and routine cleanings can extend your pets' life by 3-5 years.

Groom regularly Grooming not only keeps your pet comfortable, but it is a great bonding experience. Brushing out matted fur, washing paw pads that walk in the salted sidewalks, and cleaning eyes and ears are essential grooming tasks that can't be overlooked.

Feed an appropriate diet Every pet has different nutritional needs based on many factors such as weight, age, and activity level. Some pets require special diets for life.

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