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Dogs form an indispensable part of life for those who love and understand every aspect of this wonderful creature. They are adored and loved immensely all over for being reliable buddy, trusted companion and guardian of home. People share an amazing understanding and a sense of companionship with them and strive to dish out the maximum facilities they can. Our Clinic precisely recognizes the changing needs of the dog lovers across India and runs a unit that takes best possible care of puppies.

We treat our dogs/Pets/puppies with great pampering and forever strive to put them away from any disease that might harm them in any way. Our dog clinic facility involves various medical measures that assure a diseases-free living for pets.

We offer Veterinary Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry & Grooming.

We allow any of our users to view their information in our website. We also encourage our users to ask any breed specific questions they may have so they can be answered by others who have owned the breed. We've found that the best answers come from breeders. They love to answer questions and can be very insightful.

We are constantly improving the site. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us via our Contact Us Form or send us a good old fashioned hand written letter. Thank you for using our site and we hope you learn something new during your visit.

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